Thursday, February 27, 2014

Illegal protests cause in chaos in CPT

27 February 2014
Mandy Dyomfana, Yuzriq Meyer and Oscar Thomas

The portable toilet issue has been at the forefront of news in South Africa. Over three million households and 8 million people have no access to sanitation. The human waste issue is a taboo subject to the residents of Khayelitsha.

Today an illegal protest erupted chaos in the streets of Woodstock Albert road up to the city of Cape Town. Thousands of hostile protesters tried to force their way into the city, the protest was caused by Mfuleni, Khayelitsha and Dunoon residents.

The reason behind the strike was fuelled by the protesters anger towards Helen Zille for what they say stole their land and not giving them decent flushable toilets.

The protesters weren’t allowed to protest today and so the police warned them to go home while they were singing their way to the Cape Town station police struggled to contain the noise, so they started spraying the tear gas on the protesters.
Over 25 police vans and 7 Casper vans Vacated the protesters and they sprayed them with blue dyed water and shot them with gas and rubber bullets.

Several people have been arrested for public violence and are expected to appear in court soon.



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