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Keeping an active lifestyle has been the secret to the longevity of a Grassy Park man who recently turned 100. Phillip Erasmus was born in 1919, in Riversdale, before moving with his family to Grassy Park, where he has spent much of his life.

He moved to Cape Town in 1924, with his parents, Andrew and Pauline, and two siblings, Daniel Erasmus and Kathy Adams; his youngest sister, whose name is now Soraya Abrahams, 88, was born in Cape Town, and is his only sibling who is still alive, said Erasmus. The centenarian attended the English Church Primary School in Grassy Park and started working as a painter from the age of 17.
He worked as a painter all his life, but also did plumbing and other jobs that involved labour. He also served in the SA Army on Robben Island from 1940 to 1945, operating as a gunner (during) World War II.

He was a very active person and enjoyed fishing and riding his bicycle. He never drove a car. Even now he is still active, he walks around perfectly and is on no medication, the only thing is that he has is Parkinson’s disease, so he often gets the shakes.

Erasmus said that he also enjoyed football and was very sporty.

He played for the All Saints Football Club in Grassy Park in his early twenties. Erasmus said that his secret to a long and prosperous life lies in being of service to others. He went to church every morning and prayed for the Almighty to grant him a long life.

By: Aneeqa du Plessis

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