Today on the 17th of sepetember 2019  we were speaking to  Imaan Singly and Amy Meyer the ex students from Big Fish School of digital Filmmaking, telling us about the experiences they acquired at the film academy. Also mentioning the issue of funding being a setback to other students who want to study film.

Big Fish School of Filming Academy started way back in 2003 and it has branches all over South Africa, giving its students basic skills in filming, editing and producing. Amy says they have been many challenges in her journey especially because the film schools are expensive, and for someone coming from the cape flats it was impossible for her to study film. “Coming from the cape flats theres no opportunities to study things like film and no information regarding to that. Growing up you are expected to be a doctor or a lawyer because things like film are way too expensive” she said.

They have mentioned that the academy really needs the funding to help students like them to achieve their dreams. “big fish schools it’s a school close to our hearts, if it close down it will mean other people wont get these opportunities, I have had a privilege of travelling around the country with the academy and my documentary was played internationally” Imaan said.

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By: Naledi Lefatsa


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