Hippo returns to nature reserve following escape

A Hippopotamus has returned to the Rondevlei Nature Reserve, after it escaped through the fence over the weekend.

COURTESY: Cape of Good Hope SPCA

In videos gone viral, the hippo could be seen roaming in the street, in the early hours of Saturday.

‘’Hippos are highly territorial and can become aggressive if they feel threatened or if their territory is encroached upon. They are also very protective of their young, which can trigger aggressive behaviour if they perceive any potential threats. Additionally, hippos have poor eyesight, so they may attack simply out of confusion or in response to sudden movements,’’ said Belinda Abraham, Cape of Good Hope SPCA, spokesperson.

SAPS Grassy Park notified the animal welfare organisation.

‘’Quemic Rangers were on the scene within minutes, about 1 am, and the hippo was herded back into the reserve in Perth Road using their vehicles. Call the authorities if you ever see a hippo, and never say never. Hippos can run very fast and will outrun you,’’ said Abraham.


Done By: Mitchum George


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