15 arrested for GABS robberies

Golden Arrow Bus Services (GABS) says that 15 alleged perpetrators of bus robberies have been arrested in a 24hour-cycle.

‘’This comes after close collaboration between the South African Police Services and Golden Arrow Bus Services, both of whom have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to locate and arrest the suspects,’’ said Derick Meyer, GABS General Manager.

 ‘’We are grateful to all role-players who have made these arrests possible. These breakthroughs are the result of intensive work from our side and from the SAPS officials involved. They are also the direct result of the safety features which Golden Arrow has been rolling out. The onboard camera systems fitted in collaboration with the Provincial Department of Transport have been instrumental in these successes,’’ added Meyer.

Meyer warned against those wanting to attempt thievery on GABS buses.

‘’We would once again like to assure our passengers and employees that Golden Arrow will do everything possible to ensure arrests and successful convictions. Let this be a warning to anyone who considers targeting our operations – you will be caught!’’


Done by: Mitchum George


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