The Independent Electoral Commission To Visit 28 000 Homes for Special Votes

The Western Cape IEC has planned to visit about 28, 000 homes as part of the special voting process. 

The special votes allows a registered voter who cannot vote at their voting station on Election Day to apply to vote on a predetermined day before Election Day. The process is opened to pregnant women, the disabled and to those who either are travelling or working and the registration for special votes closed on Monday 4 October

The Western Cape IEC head Michael Hendrickse had confirmed that the IEC would do about 28,000 home special voting visits. He said they are going through a process of verifying applications and there is a logistical operation behind the 55,000 voters who want to come to the polling station but cannot. Hendrickse also added that they were now going through the process of verifying  applications and sorting out logistics.

Done by Lucille Dyosi


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