An alleged gunmen and police officer inured in shootout

A police officer and an alleged gunman were injured during a shootout in the streets near Blue Downs in Cape Town in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

City of Cape Town Law Enforcement spokesperson Wayne Dyason said members of the Mfuleni Law Enforcement Advancement Plan were patrolling the streets shortly after midnight when they spotted a lone man walking near Cuanza and Great Fish streets.

When confronted about what business they had in the dangerous area before the man opened fire and the officers retaliated, both the suspect and an officer were struck by bullets. The suspect then attempted fleeing from the scene as well as attempted to discard the firearm.

He was caught and charged for attempted murder, possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition (three rounds).

He also taken for medical attention along with the police officer who attained injury to the foot.

by Everngelista Muza


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