Mitchells Plain Police station worker accused of rape not fired

Mitchells Plain police station have been accused of harbouring an alleged rapist. This came after a cleaner at the police station was accused of raping three women after he had allegedly lured the victims under the pretext of getting them jobs. These allegations resulted in Tafelsig residents demonstrating in front of the station to demand the immediate suspension of the employee.

Activist Joanie Fredericks, who led the demonstration, said that they were appalled that someone that works at the police station was not only allowed to do such despicable acts to women but also allowed to continue working.

“We demand that the Mitchells Plain police station place the person under immediate suspension until the courts have finalised any cases of rape against him. We believe that the courts are qualified to make judgments against perpetrators but until such time we will not allow him to continue his work in the employ of the Mitchells Plain police station.

 “We know for a fact that once a perpetrator of rape is caught out, it is most likely that he has more countless rapes against many victims,” she said.

She said that more victims have come forward with accusations while the accused on bail. 

Police spokesperson, Joseph Swartbooi confirmed that Mitchells Plain Family Violence, Child Abuse, and Sexual Offences Unit was investigating a case of sexual assault.

He said that despite the criminal investigation on the person of interest, this was an internal process between the employer and the employee.

by Everngelista Muza


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