Police identify man killed by Parkwood residents over false kidnapping rumours

Grassy Park police have identified the e-hailing driver wrongfully accused of rape Parkwood.

Thirty-one-year-old Abongile Mafalala from Du Noon was identified as the man brutally murdered by Parkwood residents on Tuesday morning, in a disastrous attack that unfolded in the wake of false kidnapping rumours.

According to reports, he was identified soon after his murder, and police discovered an unexpected gang element to the incident. Its alleged that the man had been robbed prior to the wrong accusation. Witnessed stated that several gangsters were seen searching the deceased’s vehicle for valuables before he was set alight

Grassy Park Police Station commander Dawood Laing said: “We can confirm that no person was abducted or attempted to be abducted.

“A witness made contact with SAPS to inform us about the alleged kidnapping of a child or children.

 “No member of the public could identify or notify SAPS of any victim or victims that were kidnapped or in the process of being kidnapped.”

Laing said two suspects were also seen searching through the pockets of the victim after he was severely beaten and left for dead before him being set on fire.

“This was a criminal attack on an innocent man started by gangsters and the community completing this brutal attack.

by Everngelista Muza