Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Corruption Watch: Corruption in schools a big concern

Lusanda Bill
05 February 2014

Corruption Watch this week released its annual 2013 report.  The report looked at several issues including corruption in schools.   

At the start of Corruption Watch’s campaign on corruption in schools they received 68 reports and by the end of last year it had received 661 complaints of corruption in schools across the country. 

Campaigns and Stakeholders Relations Manager Ronald Menoe said in most cases the SG chairperson and principals were implicated in the report which was sent to Corruption Watch.  They were also implicated in cases where there is abuse of funds in terms of infrastructure maintenance and purchasing of learning material for the school, the funding for feeding schemes and nepotism. 

Meanwhile Corruption Watch also conducted a survey whereby there were 3, 284 respondents. 

The survey supported the data by Corruption Watch on the problem of corruption in schools.

Campaigns and Stakeholders Relations Manager Ronald Menoe said with the survey we were able to open up a platform for young people between the ages of 13 to 34-years-old discussing corruption in schools.

Menoe added that the only additional finding that came from the survey was that exam papers were being sold by teachers and principals in schools, so that the school can get a good name and good results at the end of the year.



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