Tuesday, February 02, 2016

50 People in hospitals after suffering from a bus accident

Chumani Simelela
02 February 2016

A bus overturned leaving 40-50 people injured on the N8, 30km just outside of Bloemfontein. ER24 Spokesperson Russel Meiring reported.

‘’Er 24 paramedics along with various other services responded to the scene. On arrival, they found a large bus lying on the side on a small embankment’’.

‘’Occupants from the bus were found sitted all across the street. Paramedics and rescue workers were immediately set up a triad area to affect treatment patients on the scene’’.

‘’From further assessment, we found that between 40 to 50 people had been injured in this incident. But fortunately there no fatalities or serious injuries reported on the scene’’.

‘’We treated the patients for injuries, and then after transported them to various hospitals in the area for further treatment. Extra medical resources were called on the scene to assist in treatment and transportation of the other patients’’.

He added…‘’the cause of the incident is not yet known but local authorities were on the scene for further investigation’’.



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