Wednesday, February 17, 2016

MP’s expresses their utmost disappointment during SONA debate

Raymond Pani
17 February 2016

Members of Parliament yesterday debated their views on the State of the Nation Address delivered by President Jacob Zuma last week Thursday. Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane in his speech said

Every honourable member on this side knows the damage that this man is doing to this country and their party.

But now that you have been exposed in the nation’s highest court, it remains to be determined how much you will have to pay because here is the thing whatever the amount, it will be nothing compared to what the people of this country have already paid for your presidency.

 Instead of redressing the structures of inequalities of apartheid you build yourself a big house on the backs of poor South Africans.
 A failure of leadership you should be ashamed, aninavalo.”  

Economic Freedom Fighters Leader Julius Malema said “You’re questionable political life and the events that led you to become a president.

This is the man who knowingly had sex with a HIV positive woman and later explained to all that a shower will lessen the chances of contracting HIV.

This was another sign showing to us that you are incapable of becoming a president but we ignored that. This is the man who knowingly impregnated a friends child despite that he had many wives at home.

This is the man who in December exchanged ministers of finance in South Africa  alongside Mr Zuma’s unforgivable blunders are ministers and premiers who we learn from the best and implicate the same form of corruption and accountability in their departments and provinces”.

And United Democratic Movement leader Bantu Holomisa said

Give us a mandate Msholozi to handle your exit in a dignified manner, further and to avoid another embarrassing sitting, president scoring own goals the house must demand the ministerial handbook for scrutiny.

South Africans while SONA was very lenient on corruption, billions were supposed to help improve our social ills in this county is being looted left and right.”



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