Monday, February 01, 2016

City of Cape Town frown on vehicles that emit dark smoke

Chumani Simelela

01 February 2016

The City’s Health Directorate has called on members of the public to report vehicles that emit dark smoke. The Air Quality Management is tasked with enforcing provisions of the Air Quality Management by law, prohibiting the use of such vehicles on the roads. The Councillor of the Mayoral Committee Member for Health, Siyabulela Mamkeli reported.

He said…‘’Less than half a percent of vehicles tested in the last 6 months of 2015, failed to meet the Diesel emission standards, compared to the 17% failure rate when the City started doing these tests in 2000’’.

‘’I think the substantial drop can be attributed to the visible policing. Improvement in the quality of diesel, continuous improvement in emissions control Technology of the modern diesel engines’’.

 He concluded…‘’And vehicle owners taking vehicle maintenance more seriously. Members of the public can report excessive smoke emission from vehicles’’.



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