Friday, February 12, 2016

ANC Executive committee is pleased with the president speech

Nontando Mafanya
12  February 2016

African National Congress National Executive Committee member Zweli Mkhize’s reaction on Zuma’s address he said, president Jacob has successfully installed hope back to South Africans. He alluded that South Africa has now a role to play to hold the executive accountable…

 Mkhize says… “We satisfied that the president has given a proper speech that gives us sense of the challenges that the economy faces but also has highlighted in number of areas where an effort has been made to pull the country.”

“Together in particular the discussion that are going on with the private sector with specific suggestion to solutions issues of try to deal with eracratical delays that makes difficult in investing in a country the issues of one stop shop.” He added

“I think for me are very important the work has been done with the banks bringing about the issues of a centre to train people in issues of finance. I think those are important.” He concluded




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