Saturday, February 13, 2016

One killed and six injured in a collision involving one taxi

Siphelo Bayana
13 February 2016

One person was killed and six others were injured in a collision involving only one taxi. The collision occurred at around 01:00 am this morning on the N12 approximately 20 kilometres outside Potchefstroom. The taxi allegedly lost control and rolled onto the side of the road.

Piteter Rossouw said… “The collision occurred at about 01:00 am this morning, allegedly the taxi lost control and it rolled and landed on the side of the road.

When ER24 paramedics arrived on the scene they found that over and above the deceased patient, all the other injuries ranged from minor to moderate.

ER24 then transported two patients to Potchefstroom provincial hospital for further treatment.

Patients were transported by other medical services."



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