Monday, February 08, 2016

The Department of Home Affairs announcement are way too late says the DA

Chumani Simelela
08 February 2016

The announcement by the Department of Home Affairs that it will be relaxing some of the job-killing visa regulations it introduced last year, as they do not go far enough to restore South Africa as a tourist friendly destination. Democratic Alliance Shadow Minister in Tourism reports.

“These announcements are way too late. South Africa’s tourism rand has already been damaged and we have to know work much smarter. In order to reposition South Africa as a travel destination of choice”.

“Now we have been arguing since the beginning of these Visa regulations came into effect. That we should consider International best practises, such as E-visas”.

“Because E-visas are much safer, much secure and they cut turn-around time and in fact stream lines tourist destination to South Africa”.



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