Thursday, February 04, 2016

Drought effects on the Fruit Production sector in WC

Simamkele Vakaza
04 February 2016

The Western Cape regional fruit production sector has suffered losses amounting to R720m. The wine industry alone has suffered damage to the tune of R 20m thus far, as around 82 hectares of vineyards have been lost due drought and fires. Recover will not be quick as some affected regions will take years to recover. The full extent of the damage caused by the drought and fires will be assessed in the few weeks to come.

“I think we have no choice as a country to continue to focus on the drought and find solutions going forward”, said Beverly Schafer.

 “We have been engaging in with farmers regularly not necessarily with these organisations. We've engaged with farm workers, we've gone on over site visits, said Schafer.

“I think the real key is for the committee to understand the reality of where we’re at in the Province that’s very important because we can’t drive issues”, she added.

 “As the committee we don’t actually understand it and we not getting passionate enough to make sure that the government is actually doing what they need to be doing to minimize the risks”, she concluded.   



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