Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Nigerians accused of human trafficking denied bail

Somila Nkosana
17 August 2016

Three Nigerian nationals have been denied bail in the Johannesburg Magistrate's Court for their alleged involvement in human trafficking.

The trio were nabbed last month and face additional charges of kidnapping.

It has been reported that desperate job seekers are often preyed upon and exploited by opportunists such as the three men. They lure their victims to Johannesburg under the guise of employment opportunities.

Magistrate Vincent Ratshibvumo says, “Together with two other ladies they were in a flat, and all of a sudden three Nigerian Nationals came about and told her the job she will be doing is one in prostitution."

The victims were held in a flat in Hillbrow. They were allegedly forced to pose naked for pictures on the internet as part of their
initiation. They claim they were made to eat human faeces and drink urine.

When they refused they were beaten up.

With the help of the local police, one woman managed to escape. She then opened a case.

During a sting operation, she identified the men who are her captors.

Two of the victims are still missing, while the third has been moved to a place of safety following the threats to drop charges.

The trio will appear in court later this month.



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