Pit bull nearly bites off gran's hand in vain bid to save toddler

Leonie Pretorius

29 August 2016

A family is in mourning after their pit bull terrier killed their 18-month-old daughter, Faith.

 Nowell’s mother Lientjie Hendricks was playing with Faith in the garden of the Hendricks family home in Mount Pleasant, Hermanus, on Friday.

The dog, Bruno, was on his chain but managed to free himself and started biting Faith on the legs.

 The grandmother jumped on the dog to try to calm him down, but he got out from under her and grabbed Faith by the throat.

That is whe the dog almost bit the grandmother’s hand off “Her hand was hanging from a sinew.  

When they finally got the dog out of the way, Faith was rushed to hospital, but she was already dead.  

Provincial health department spokesperson Bianca Carelse said the grandmother was in a stable condition in the Worcester hospital.

 Faith would be buried in Mount Pleasant on Saturday.

The Hermanus Animal Welfare Society also put the dog down.


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