Right2Know's website hacked; money demanded

The Right to Know organisation has confirmed that its website has been compromised and hacked, while a sum of money has been demanded.

National coordinator, Verushka Memdutt says that the organisation has received emails from two separate sources on Wednesday, informing them that their website has been hacked.

‘’The Right to Know Campaign received notice that we have become the target of an illicit action that could likely impact negatively on our organisation…These reports were received together with threats of extracting information and inflicting reputational damage against our organisation.

She said that hackers accessed the organisations emails and threatened to leak information.

‘’The main motive for this attack appears to be monetary with demands levelled at the Right to Know Campaign. The blackmail proves the malicious intent to destroy the hard work put in by many people.’’

Although Memdutt could not divulge the contents of the emails nor the money demanded, she says that the organisation will not give in to the demands.

‘’As the Campaign we are aware of individuals mobilising and making known their intention to inflict pain, injury, damage, or other hostile action against the organisation and individuals within the organisation. At this juncture we state unequivocally that any criminal intent or action will receive the attention it deserves from us within the Right to Know Campaign.’’

‘’We will not be bullied into satisfying the greed of anyone who seeks to achieve financial gain on their own terms,’’ added Memdutt.

The organisation has reached out to the police for assistance.

‘’We have undertaken the necessary investigations and checked that security parameters. We confirm that there has been no direct security breach. These threats are not taken lightly and we remain vigilant.’’

‘’The Right to Know Campaign appeals to members of the public to kindly reach out to us on the below contact details should you be the recipient of any suspicious or untrustworthy information received from imposters. The below emails remain the only valid and legitimate email addresses used by The Right to Know Campaign,’’ added Right2Know National coordinator, Verushka Memdutt.


PICTURE: Right2Know

Done By: Mitchum George


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