Swartland without power, following inclement weather

Residents in Swartland area on the West Coast have been without electricity on Thursday, due to the severe thunderstorms that the province experienced on Wednesday.

In a statement, Eskom said that the inclement weather has put the network at risk, warning that customers in some areas will be without power for prolonged periods.

‘’Unfortunately, these extreme conditions will also affect the restoration efforts of technical teams out in the field. Eskom urges customers to remain patient and follow the channels made available to log a fault.’’

The power utility said it will first restore power to those residents that have been without electricity for more than 48 hours, and thereafter faults for more than 24 hours until the most recent faults, will be attended to.

‘’Eskom will prioritise its response based on the size and duration of the faults. Large faults on the MV and HV network that affect a large number of customers will be prioritise,’’ it said in a statement.



Done By: Mitchum George


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