Western Cape MEC concerned over rise in pedestrian killings

The Western Cape’s Mobility MEC, Daylin Mitchell, has raised concerns over the number of pedestrians that was killed on the province’s roads.

Out of the 20 fatalities that were recorded in the past week, 14 were pedestrians, 3 passengers, and one each was a driver, motorcyclist, and a railway pedestrian.

Furthermore, traffic officials made 64 arrests between 14 to 20 November 2022, with the bulk of these (45) being for driving under the influence of alcohol. Other arrests includes:

5 x reckless and negligent driving.

4 x speeding.

4 x possession of fraudulent documentation.

2 x bribery.

1 x goods overloading.

1 x possession of stolen vehicle.

1 x obstructing or hindering an authorised officer in the execution of his/her duty.

1 x operating an unroadworthy vehicle


Mitchell urged pedestrians to stay clear from roads especially after consuming alcohol. According to Mitchell, a high percentage of pedestrians killed on the road in earlier years who were tested for alcohol had four times the legal limit for drivers.

‘’Always wear high visibility clothing, particularly in the evening and in bad weather. Walk in groups when possible.’’

‘’Slowing down will give you more time to avoid to pedestrians on the road. If you are travelling more slowly and you collide with a pedestrian, the pedestrian is more likely to survive.’’

‘’Be particularly careful when you come across child pedestrians. They may behave unpredictably, and may struggle to understand how quickly a vehicle is moving. Because children are short, in a collision, they are likely to be hit in the head and chest, and are therefore more likely to be killed,’’ concluded Western Cape’s Mobility MEC, Daylin Mitchell.


PICTURE: MEC Mitchell at Bush Radio

Done By: Mitchum George


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