Tuesday, March 07, 2023

The DA in the Western Cape has welcomed another Patriotic Alliance (PA) member


The DA in the Western Cape has welcomed another Patriotic Alliance (PA) member, Marvin Sampson, into its fold. 

At a media briefing on Monday, the DA welcomed Sampson to the party. 

Over the weekend, Sampson resigned as a PA member and councillor of the City of Cape Town,

“He could no longer be part of a party that "bullies and threatens" its councillors. He added that he could no longer be associated with the values and principles the leaders represented” said Sampson.

A week ago, Aslam Richards, another PA councillor in the City of Cape Town, resigned and joined the DA.

Samson added that there comes a time that a person should choose between a position and principles/integrity, and he has decided to choose his integrity and principles over a position that causes him to have more questions than answers when it comes to delivering a service to the people of this city.

A provincial deputy leader, JP Smith, thanked Sampson for his courageous step.

Tertuis Simmers, DA leader in the Western Cape, said "Populism is a real threat, but voters are becoming disillusioned with parties who do not have the interest of people at heart”

While the PA's national chairperson, Marlon Daniels, stated that they knew this was coming. they knew about the private meetings Samson and others were having with the DA. The DA does desperate things.

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