Langa celebrates centenary on Human Rights Day


 KwaLanga or the place of Langa as it is affectionately known, is the oldest township in Cape Town commomerated its 100th anniversary since its establishment on the 21 March2023, on Human Rights Day.

The township was initially built in phases before being formally opened in 1927. It was developed as a result of South Africa's 1923 Urban Areas  Act commonly known as the "pass laws" which was designed to force Africans to move from their homes into segregated locations.

The name literally  means "sun" in isiXhosa, the name of the township is derived from the name of Langalibalele, who was a chief and renowned rainmaker who in 1873 was imprisoned on Robben Island for rebelling against the Natal government.

Cape Town Mayor Gordin Hill- Lewis announced plans to revamp Langa as a way to celebrate centenary, the plans included the restoration of historic monuments, prescient improvements and series of community events.

The mayor also paid tribute to Langa’s Fallen hero’s acknowledging they contribution to the country especially in Cape Town.

Langa is also where several people were killed on 21 March the same day as the Sharpeville massacre, during the anti-pass campaign.

While the commemoration took place down in Gugu’sthebe the PAC together with AZAPO honored fallen heroes urging locals to vote right in the upcoming elections.


Done by: Sibulele Stuurman


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