Cape mayor announce new water committee and transparency over City’s water quality data for the public.

Cape Town mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis announced that a new water committee and transparent approach to sharing the City’s water quality data for the public.

The City’s waterways have been under a microscope over the past year, with numerous challenges. Hill-Lewis announced the formation of an advisory committee on the quality and cleanliness of Cape Town’s rivers, vleis and waterways. And to recommend strategies to mitigate water pollution and ensure the long-term protection and restoration of wetlands and waterways in Cape Town.

Last week the city council approved the New Water Quality in Wetlands and Waterways Advisory Committee, the key aspect would be involvement of water activists and interested residents.

Hill Lewis “, The committee, previously called the Water Resilience Committee, was reconstituted to bring together water industry experts, city councillors, community activists, and interested residents”.

The association will report to the Mayoral Committee twice a year.

by Everngelista Muza


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