Close to 2 800 outstanding items returned to Cape libraries

The City of Cape Town’s libraries welcomed back close to 2 800 outstanding books, magazines, DVDs and other material. This as patrons took advantage of the fine free period, which coincided with South African Library Week, that occurred in March, to return items.

Mayco member for Community Services and Health, Patricia van der Ross says, some of the most popular titles returned include a large number of children’s books, and fairy tales in particular.

‘’South African Library Week is a highlight on our calendar for many reasons, as it not only celebrates the values of libraries, but also allows patrons to return overdue items. Our librarians are ecstatic at the number of items returned as it means so many more can enjoy the items beings offered.’’

‘’Libraries provide countless resources including educational materials, scientific publications, fiction and non-fictional titles, but these are limited. We rely on our patrons to return items when they are done. Keeping an item simply deprives someone else of accessing it,’’ added van der Ross.

She urged those who haven’t returned their overdue items, to do so.

‘’A huge thank you to our patrons who have returned their overdue library material. I want to encourage others who still have items, to return them even if they’ve incurred a fine.’’


PICTURE: Pixabay

Done By: Mitchum George


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