City to look for those who tampered with firefighters efforts in Langa's Joe Slovo

City of Cape Town's JP Smith stated that firefighters could have saved more homes before in Langa's Joe Slovo informal settlement had several fire hoses not been cut while crews were responding to Saturday's blaze.

According to Smith It's still not clear who is responsible for the fire. He is also calling onto residents to help identify those responsible for tampering with the hoses thus hampering firefighting efforts during Saturday's blaze.

"More homes could have been saved but for this interference and although this type of behaviour is not new, it boggles the mind that anyone could behave in this manner," Smith said.

260 homes have reportedly been destroyed, leaving more than 750 people displaced. Gift of the Givers have been on-site over the past few days, assisting affected residents.

The group's Ali Sablay said that they would remain on site for the next two days at least until social development relief kicked in.

by Everngelista Muza


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