'Diary of Wimpy Kid' remains popular unreturned item at Cape Town libraries; 37 500 library items are still outstanding

The City of Cape Town’s librarians are appealing to patrons to return outstanding items after it revealed that more than 37 500 items were lost at a cost of nearly R4.6 million.

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To encourage the return of items, the City’s libraries is holding a Fine Free Week. This is where patrons can return items without being fined. An item is deemed lost when it hasn't been returned by the due date for at least three months.

Mayco member for community services and health, Patricia van der Ross, said ‘’The Diary of a Wimpy Kid’’ series remains at the top of the list of outstanding items with 101 waiting to be returned. She added that several study guides are also on the list of top outstanding items.

This week culminates with International Literacy Day on Friday. The theme for 2023 is ‘Promoting literacy for a world in transition: Building the foundation for sustainable and peaceful societies’.

‘‘Literacy is able to shape our future and transform our communities. Our libraries are central to these goals. The day is aimed not only advancing literacy, but to remind us that it’s also a human right. Our libraries give patrons access to their literary treasures, but we need the items that may have been forgotten at home, to be returned,’’ said Patricia van der Ross, Mayco member for community services and health.

‘’This shows our books, CDs, DVDs and other items are loved and it’s heartening so many patrons enjoy them. It’s a joy we want to share with all our other patrons and I want to encourage everyone to return their overdue items, without incurring any fines,’’ she added.

Van der Ross said not returning library items deprives other patrons of enjoying the item, while libraries suffer a loss they can can’t afford.

‘When you return your items, it makes it available for the next person to enjoy and you can take out new books with new adventures. Every new book is a chance to grow and learn and everyone should have the opportunity. That can only happen when outstanding items are returned for the next patron,’’ said Patricia van der Ross, Mayco member for Community Services and Health.


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