EFF holds memorial service for three of its members who were gunned down in Mfuleni

The EFF in the Western Cape held a memorial service on Sunday for the three members who was shot and killed in Mfuleni, last Tuesday.

Lubabalo Feketsha, Lulamo Siya Fatyela and Luyanda Mtsila were part of a the committee in the Shukushukuma informal settlement, when they were shot and killed at around 10p.m, after the committee allegedly agreed to demolishing the home of a drug dealer in the area. The EFF in a statement alleges that the drug dealer threatened them as retaliation.

PICTURE - EFF Western Cape: Three members killed in Mfuleni

‘’These fighters were members of the EFF in good standing, community leaders, fearless ground forces and activists who died in the line of duty in service of their community. Their lives were cut short by the bullets of the enemy of the people."

EFF Deputy President, Floyd Shivambu, who delivered the keynote address at the memorial service at Itsitsa Primary School in Mfuleni, said the party is equally grieving with the family of those who were killed.

‘’We are here as the EFF, as it pains us equally, by the fact [sic] that we have lost some of the most dedicated and focused ground forces of the EFF who was also fearless, who were part of the movement.’’

COURTESY - X: EFF Western Cape - EFF Deputy president, Floud Shivambu

EFF Western Cape Provincial Chair, Unathi Ntame also led a walk to the place where the slain members were gunned down in Ward 108, Mfuleni.

Ntame said members should continue with the mass voter registration that these fallen fighters championed before they were killed.

‘’it is the efforts and the energy of the three members that the Western Cape today is not last in the national statistics. In [memoriam] of these comrades, we want to say let us occupy the right places in your community, Let us continue with the registration.’’


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