More than 200 criminal charges laid against SAPS officers between 2020-2023

More than 200 criminal charges have been laid against South African Police Service (SAPS) officers, in the last three years.


This was revealed in the Western Cape Provincial Parliament when the Democratic Alliance (DA) asked SAPS about the matter.

Between 2020 until present, cases of corruption, assault to cause grevious bodily harm, drunk driving, rape, and murder. According to SAPS, 100 cases were opened against SAPS members in 2020; 76 were opened in 2021; 66 were opened in 2022; and 15 cases opened in 2023 are currently under investigation.

Majority of these cases are for common assault (58), followed by drunken driving (43), assault to cause GBH (17), murder (8), fraud (8), corruption (5), rape (4).

The list also indicates that members of the SAPS have been implicated in multiple counts of defeating or obstructing the course of justice, drug dealing, and malicious damage to property. Whilst citizens had to comply with COVID-19 regulations during the lockdown period, nine officers failed to stay at home when they needed to, two officers sold prohibited substances and one case was registered for transporting alcohol, which was prohibited during the lockdown.

The list also revealed that two officers cannot account where they last put their firearms (one each in 2021 & 2022)

SUPPLIED: List of cases registered against SAPS members

DA Western Cape Spokesperson on Community Safety, Gillion Bosman, said these offences has dire consequences as it will lack trust from the public, when officers are meant to serve and protect and ensure law and order.

‘’When our communities can no longer rely on their police service to conduct themselves in accordance with the law, the critical relationship between a police service and the population it serves breaks down in record time. This in turn reduces our societal ability to eradicate crime and bring offenders to book.’’

“While I firmly believe that the majority of police officers remain upstanding and honourable guardians of the law, these revelations are deeply troubling. They indicate that senior SAPS management has created a culture of impunity in the organisation, and that little has been done to curb common offences within the ranks of the national police force,’’ added Gillion Bosman, DA Western Cape Spokesperson on Community Safety.

Bosman called for the devolution of policing, and for greater professionalisation of the police service. He said he will invite senior management of the SAPS in the Western Cape to appear before the Standing Committee on Community Safety, soon.


Done By: Mitchum George


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