High school learner threatens to leak nudes of primary school pupil in M/Plain

Social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and TikTok, amongst others, are breeding grounds for perpetrators to launch their cyber attacks. The issue of cyberbullying amongst children has once again come under the spotlight, especially as the month of May is commemorated as child protection month.

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Parents are advised to check their child’s phone regularly, following a cyberbullying incident at a school in Mitchell’s Plain.

It is understood that a group of Grade 7 learners at Portland Primary School started a WhatsApp group and invited their friends from other schools to join. It is alleged that a learner from another school, who allegedly calls himself as ’the hacker’, threatened one of the learners in the group, for posting unsavoury images of the learners on the chat.

‘’When the principal became aware of the group and the alleged threat. She contacted the police, who advised her that the parent of the learners concerned should report the matter,’’ said Millicent Merton, Western Cape Education Department spokesperson.

In a school letter, principal Elanor Braff, alleges that some of the learners at the school were also threatened that they will be beaten up after school.

‘’These learners were also sending private messages to some of the girls… Parents you are reminded to monitor what is happening on your children’s phone regularly. These incidents happen on your watch outside of school time and learners end up emotional on a Monday morning at school.’’


According to Merton, the school discussed cyberbullying and the use of cellphones with parents and learners on a previous occasion ‘’and will continue to do so.’’


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