Mitchell's Plain Career Expo Set to Inspire and Empower the Youth

On Thursday May 9th, the Mitchell's Plain community is set to host its third annual Career Expo at the Westridge Civic Center. This event stands as a crucial initiative to empower the youth by providing them direct access to a variety of career paths and educational opportunities. Bush Radio spoke to spokesperson Romano Kock about the upcoming event during a live radio interview. 

Photo: Facebook Jerimia Thuynsma

Kock explained that the expo is more than a mere gathering; it’s a proactive approach to combating the cycles of gangsterism and limited opportunities often faced by young individuals in the area. “We want these young people to experience the same opportunity that any other young person in any other part of South Africa experiences. So we are bringing opportunity to our young people”, Kock says. The expo brings educational institutions, apprenticeships, and potential employers directly to the local youth, making it significantly easier for them to engage with these organizations. 

Participating organizations include well-known educational bodies like the College of Cape Town and CPT Engineering Faculty. Romano encourages all attendees to actively engage with exhibitors, ask detailed questions, and fully explore the options available to make informed decisions about their futures. 

Parents and guardians are also encouraged to join and support their young ones. Their involvement is crucial in helping the youth to process the information and take full advantage of the opportunities presented. The event is designed to be a family-inclusive day where even parents can discover programs and training suitable for themselves or to better guide their children. 

Romano Kock passionately reminded the youth in his interview, “The only time your life is over is when you have given up. But while you can still push and still breathe, that's the time you can make it, and you yourself can build an empire.” This powerful message captures the essence of the Career Expo—inspiring participants to look beyond their immediate circumstances and aspire to achieve greatness in their chosen careers. 

The Career Expo starts at 10:00AM and promises to be a transformative day for Mitchell's Plain’s youth, providing them with the tools and knowledge to forge a path toward a successful and fulfilling future. Bush Radio will be live broadcasting from The Career Expo, so make sure to tune in.

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