President Ramaphosa Signs New Electoral Law, Removing Donation Limits for Political Parties

President Cyril Ramaphosa has officially signed the Electoral Matters Amendment Bill into law, an essential step to update the regulations before this month's elections in South Africa.

Photo by: Pexels

The bill notably revises the Political Party Funding Act of 2021, primarily by eliminating the previous annual limit of R15 million that political parties could receive from external donors. It also removes the requirement for parties to declare donations over R100,000. This introduces a significant change in how political funding transparency is managed, creating a temporary gap where unlimited funds can flow without mandatory disclosure.

One of the critical aspects of the new law is its provision for independent candidates. Like established political parties, these candidates will now have access to both state and other forms of funding once they are elected to office. Additionally, the law grants President Ramaphosa the authority to set new limits on political donations and reporting thresholds. However, any changes he makes must be based on guidance from Parliament.

Alongside the Electoral Matters Amendment Bill, President Ramaphosa approved another law that gives R200 million extra to political parties. This money is to help them campaign for the elections happening this month. Ramaphosa said these laws help make sure elections are fair, competitive, and open.

Done by: Veerle Kroon


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