Friday, September 27, 2013

ANC accuses DA of undermining police and senior staff

Mluleki Mrwebi
27 September 2013

The ANC in the Western Cape has said the DA must immediately stop to vilify and destabilise the police who are working under extremely difficult conditions where they have to also continuously deal with hardened criminals like murderers, drug lords and gangsters.
ANC Chief Whip Pierre Uys said the DA campaign to undermine the South African Police Service includes the Zille commission of inquiry aimed at feeding the obsession of dissatisfaction with service by SAPS, abusing the legislature to batter generals and even be rude to senior police staff.

Uys said in his attacks DA MPL Mark Wiley speaks down at Lamoer in a condescending manner tantamount to belittling or scolding him in public. Lamoer is accused of various things and Wiley stoops to even unethically pre-empting an appearance of Lamoer before the standing committee of the legislature later in October.

Uys also said this attack in the past week again spilled over in newspapers.

He added that by using all sorts of tactics to cast a bad light on Lamoer and his staff, the DA members of the legislature are in breach of the constitutional imperative to promote good relations between the police and communities’ by overstepping the line of oversight to engage in police bashing.





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