3 critical, several others injured in crash

Nontando Mafanya
01 November 2016

12 people were injured in an early morning crash between a car and a taxi in Station Street, Carletonville.

ER24 spokesperson Chitra Bodasing says “ER24 as well as other services attended to the incident and found both vehicles on the side of the road.”

She says “One passenger in the taxi was trapped. He was extricated by Fire and Rescue.”
Bodassing says “He as well as the driver and a passenger found seated in the car were assessed and found to have sustained critical injuries.”

The driver of the car was airlifted and the two others, along with all other patients who sustained minor to moderate injuries, were treated and transported to various hospitals by ambulance.” She concluded

The exact cause of the incident is unknown.

Authorities were on scene.


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