City of Cape Town lends helping hand to finding missing Joshlin Smith

Saldahna Bay Mayor, Andrè Truter, has requested assistance from the City of Cape Town, as he believes more resources are needed to trace six-year-old, Joshlin Smith. Thursday marks the tenth day the girl disappeared.

PICTURED: Joshlin Smith

This comes after the South African Police Service (SAPS) who announced that efforts to find the girl has been scaled down.

“We furthermore appeal to residents of the surrounding towns and neighbourhoods not to flock to Saldanha to offer their ‘help’ to search for the missing Joshlin. Door-to-door searches were conducted and concluded on Saturday and the investigating team will still respond to substantial and constructive information received,’’ said Lt. Col. Malcolm Pojie.

In a Facebook post, on Wednesday night, Truter disagreed with SAPS and says efforts needs to be stepped up.

‘’I have always supported the Rule of Law and by definition, SAPS. Having said that, I do not support a scaling down of resources, in fact if anything, we need to step it up! This motivated me to contact Western Cape Government Premier Alan Winde and seek support. I do realise that SAPS decision may be motivated by available funding, but for us as Local Government in Saldanha Bay Municipality, the tracing of little Joslin is of paramount importance!!,’’ said Andrè Truter, Saldahna Bay Mayor.

Truter says he held a meeting with Cape Town Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis as well as MMC for Safety & Security, JP Smith.

‘’As a result of this meeting I drafted an official request to the City of Cape Town to assist with manpower and resources to assist in the search for Joslin. In particular I requested Investigators, Canine Unit, Water Wing, Drone Unit and Professional Search and Rescue volunteers. I am pleased to report that this request was immediately approved by the City of Cape Town.  ‘’

‘’I have and will continue to state that our single focus is finding Joslin and #KeepHopeAlive. Nothing has changed. We remain resolute and focused. We will offer all the assistance we possibly can. We continue to call on the community to come forward with information that may lead to Joslin being found. We will protect your identity. We can do this as a community, together!!,’’ added Truter.

Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis described Joshlin’s disappearance as ‘’extremely painful and distressing.’’ Smith says the teams dispatched to Saldanha have extensive experience in assisting SAPS, as well as search and rescue expertise.

‘’We know these officers will bring valuable skills to the search effort. We initiated workstreams between municipalities to ensure that we are able to respond when called upon,’’ said JP Smith, Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security.

Western Cape Police Oversight & Community Safety MEC, Reagen Allen, says communication and the CPFs will continue.

‘’Any information about potential unrest in that area can be addresses. The West Coast also has a Public Order Policing unit, and that particular unit is also on standby. Our appeal is do not interfere with investigations, SAPS, but rather work with SAPS and other stakeholders, so that we can ultimately ensure that comfort is brought to that family and community.’’


Done by: Mitchum George


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