Discussions around Reproductive Health, is need to avoid stigma, says WC Health MEC

The Western Cape’s Health & Wellness MEC, Nomafrench Mbombo, says discussions around Reproductive Health, to avoid stigma.


Tuesday marks the start of STI/Condom week, as well as Pregnancy Awareness Week, which coincides with South Africa’s Reproductive Health Month.

Nomafrench joined the South Cape TVET College in Beaufort West on Friday, to engage approximately 250 students on youth matters specifically relating to sexual and reproductive health.

‘’Whether it be preventing STIs and unintended pregnancies, promoting gender equality and empowerment, improving maternal and child health, preventing sexual violence, or enhancing mental health, honest, open and compassionate conversations with our youth are essential to ensure their overall wellbeing,’’ said Nomafrench Mbombo, Western Cape’s Health & Wellness MEC.

Mbombo says out of the total population of more than 76 000 people in the Central Karoo, the Couple Year Protection Rate for condoms in the second quarter of 2023/34 averaged at 41%. This is an estimation of the condom protection offered by family planning within a one-year timeframe and is derived from the total volume of condoms distributed to clients during that period. Additionally, when inspecting live births between April and December last year, 112 were from residents aged between 10- and 19-years-old.

‘’This highlighted the need for a whole-of-society approach to continue so that our youth are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for leading healthy and fulfilling lives.’’

‘’As such, it is important that we have these engagements as often as possible to ensure everyone acutely understands the multifaceted nature of this issue. Let us continue to work together to build healthier and happier communities,’’ added Nomafrench Mbombo, Western Cape’s Health & Wellness MEC.


Done by: Mitchum George


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