Temporary road closures for SONA2024

With the 2024 State of the Nation Address (SONA) scheduled to take place on Thursday, the City of Cape Town has reminded motorists and pedestrians of parking restrictions and temporary road closures in and around the Cape Town City Hall from 1 to 23 February and full closure around the City Hall on 8 February 2024.

This will be the last SONA for the sixth administration, as it is an election year.

Rehearsals will be conducted on Monday 5 February, Tuesday 6 - , Wednesday 7 February 2024 at 18:00. The Parliament debate takes place from Tuesday 13 February to Thursday 15 February 2024.

The municipality says there will be curbside security fencing around the perimeter of the Cape Town City Hall from Thursday 1 February 2024 to Friday 23 February 2024.

Motorists are also advised of parking restrictions, from 0:00 to 23:45 on Thursday 08, Tuesday 13, Wednesday 14 and 15 Thursday February 2024, and these include:

·        Grand Parade, Cape Town

·        Roeland Street: outgoing lane between Plein Street and 37 Plein Street (Building next to Nieumeester parking)

·        Plein Street: between Roeland and Darling Street

·        Spin Street: between Parliament and Plein Street

·        Commercial Street between Buitenkant and Plein Street

·        Parade Street between Caledon and Longmarket Streets

·        Corporation Street between Longmarket and Caledon Streets

·        Caledon Street: Between Corporation and Parade Street

Alternative Routes:

Road users are advised to use the following alternative routes to the City Bowl during the event:

1. From the N2 (Settler’s Way): use the N1, FW de Klerk Blvd via M5 (Black River Parkway), or M7 (Jakes Gerwel Dr).

2. From the M3 (Union Ave): use the M5 (Black River Parkway) and N1 (FW de Klerk Blvd) or M4 (Main Rd), onto Victoria Rd, right onto Christiaan Barnard Rd to circle the outer CBD. Note Tennant, De Villiers is closed; no access to Roeland St; Annandale/Orange St. Use lower CBD and circle around. Unless it’s for local access into the residential areas. right onto Christiaan Barnard Rd to circle the outer CBD.

3. Outer CBD Circle Road: Use the following ring route to/from the area of the CBD affecting you:

·        Christiaan Barnard Street.

·        F W de Klerk Blvd.

·        Buitengracht.

·        Buitensingel St.

·        Orange St.

·        Jutland Ave.

·        Tennant St.


Those using public transport, specifically MyCiti and Golden Arrow Bus Service, will also be affected.

Those using Golden Arrow Bus Services, the Golden Acre bus terminus will operate as per normal on Thursday. However, bus operations from the terminus will proceed via Lower Plein St, Strand. Incoming buses will divert via Russell St, Strand St to the terminus.

With this ceremonial route - Buses will operate as per normal from terminus into Darling St. In the event of the gathering on the Grand Parade becoming disruptive to traffic, then exit via Strand St.


-      Bush Radio News


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