Search efforts continue to find six-year-old Joshlin Smith from Saldahna

Search efforts continue to find six-year-old Joshlin Smith.

PHOTO - SAPS: Joshlin Smith 

The girl from Saldanha Bay was reported missing by her mother on Tuesday, after she went missing on Monday.

‘’Preliminary information reveals that Joshlin was left at home on Monday 19 February 2024 with the mother’s boyfriend to look after her as she was not feeling well. Later the afternoon, when the mother returned from work, her daughter was not home. She asked about the whereabouts of the child but could not find her. She later got hold of her boyfriend who was supposed to look after the child, but he was unable to account for her whereabouts,’’ said Lt Col Malcolm Pojie

‘’At the time of Joshlin’s disappearance she was wearing a light blue t-shirt and a light blue denim shorts,’’ he added.

In a Facebook post, Saldanha Bay Mayor, André Truter, confirmed that the search is ongoing, following false reports that the girl was found.

PHOTO - Saldahna Bay mayor: Joshlin Smith

He urged citizens not to share unverified information. Truter said he spoke to the Station Commander of Saldanha SAPS, on Friday, who requested that officers performing duties NOT be filmed and placed on social media.

‘’This will give any criminal elements the heads up as where SAPS are at and what they are doing. False reports that she has been found cause incredible trauma for the parents and loved ones. It also causes huge confusion. Please refrain from doing this!! Only SAPS can verify information regarding this investigation,’’ said Executive Mayor Andrè Truter.


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