Men shooting in the air leaves WC MEC outraged

The Western Cape’s Police Oversight & Community Safety MEC, Reagen Allen, has expressed outrage over a viral video showing civilians shooting in the air, at a funeral of an alleged gangster. The incident is, what is understood, to have taken place on Sunday morning at Joe Slovo informal settlement in Milnerton.


Police confirmed that it identified two persons of interest

‘’Be advised that this office became aware of the cellphone footages that has been doing the rounds on social media… No cases, injuries or damages were reported Two persons of interest were identified, the matter is receiving attention,’’ said Western Cape police.


Allen however believes everyone in the video, should be taken in for questioning.

‘’It is incomprehensible that a caliber of weapons would be in their hands or they would be so brazen to shoot in this manner. This is utter nonsense and this matter has to be attended to.’’

‘’I have been informed that police identified persons of interest, but I wish to point out to SAPS that every single person in that video has to, at a bare minimum, be brought in for questioning, whilst those with weapons should immediately be arrested and should be determined if they are licensed, and if those handling those weapons are the license holders. This is not a lawless province or city, and it will not have individuals or groups operate outside the confines of the law.’’

The MEC reminded residents that up to R5 000 reward is offered for anyone who reports an illegal firearm.


Done by: Mitchum George


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