EFF criticizes Parliament’s new rules

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) criticised Parliament’s new joint rules to end disruptions in the National Assembly.

PHOTO: Pixabay

The new rules aim to make it more difficult for Members of Parliament (MPs) to disrupt the president during his address.

According to the party, it is against the law to say MPs cannot say anything during the State of the Nation Address.

EFF national chairperson, Ntombovuyo Mente, said the rules were clearly designed to target the EFF.

"To say members of Parliament must not even breath on that particular day is ludicrous, is really stupid, to put it bluntly. We cannot be told, as members of Parliament, we come in, sit there and not say anything. That’s against the law."

She said that as MPs, they were also the voices of the party’s voters and preventing them from speaking during SONA, suppressed that voice.

Done By: Alungile Njemla


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