Things back to normal in Mamelodi: Isaac Mahamba

Nontando Mafanya
 07 September 2016

Protests have again flared up in Mamelodi, east of Pretoria, where roads have been blocked with burning tyres and rocks.

Yesterday, residents who had illegally occupied land and demonstrated against the destruction of their shacks.

Tshwane Metro Police say it’s unclear if today’s protest is linked to the same issue.  Officials have advised motorists to use alternative routes to avoid being caught up in the demonstrations.

Tshwane Metro Police spokesperson Isaac Mahamba says The Street being affected is Tsamaya next to Kgomo Street.

There are people that are protesting and have blocked streets with burning tyres and objects.
Isaac Mahamba confirmed to Bush Radio news team that Yes they  can confirmed that they were riots earlier  on in Mamelodi current the situation  is back to normal.

 “We are busy cleaning and we are seeking the road department to clean the road surfaces he said.”

Mahamba said “The grievances or the complains of the people that arrived this morning the were complaining about earlier evictions that to place on Monday.”

“But what we can confirm at this stage that they were no people that were arrest on nor people were reported to be injured.”

“Metro police department currently is on scene monitoring the situation but yes we can confirmed that situation everything is back to normal, he concluded.”


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