Four suspects were arrested after the brutal and deadly attack of a Cape fur seal

Four suspects were arrested on Sunday evening, after the brutal and deadly attack of a Cape fur seal, at Monwabisi beach. According to reports the arrests were made following an anonymous tip-off.

City’s Deputy Mayor Eddie Andrews condemns this incident after the seal had to be humanely euthanised due to the severity of the injuries that it sustained. Cape of Good Hope SPCA stated that the seal suffered severe facial and skull fractures, was bleeding profusely from the mouth, had one of its eyes crushed and that most of its teeth had been completely broken off in its mouth.

Following further instigations the suspects stated that motive for the attack was to stone the seal to death. This is after the group was approached by a traditional healer who offered them R3 000 to kill the seal. The suspect have been charged with animal Cruelty as investiagations are still ongoing.

“We will ensure that justice is served in the name of this seal. Torturing any animal is unacceptable and the suspects must face the full might of the law,” said SPCA Chief Inspector Jaco Pieterse.

by Everngelista Muza


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