IEC WC confident that registration weekend will run smoothly

The IEC in the Western Cape is confident that this weekend's voter registration will go without a hitch.

1 572 registration stations across the province (26 are temporary structures) will be open from 8am until 5pm on Saturday and Sunday, for the second voter registration weekend.

IEC Western Cape Electoral Officer, Michael Hendrickse, said a total of 4 668 IEC staff members will be at citizen's service in the province this weekend.

Hendrickse says more than 3.2 million people are currently eligible to vote.

"It’s a great achievement and I am hoping we can build on that this coming weekend with the voter registration," says Provincial Electoral Officer, Michael Hendrickse:


He says the Voter Management Devices (VMD) will once again be used to ensure a "seamless registration experience.'

"The innovative Voter Management Devices that aim to make the process fast and efficient. These devices that capture your details, are able to function in offline mode, even if there is load shedding or poor signal. All the functionality of the device will remain in working condition. Voter details recorded in offline mode, will be processed once the device connects to a network and reflect on the system."

Hendrickse says the South African Police Service will be on standby to make sure registration runs without incident at the voting stations.

The provincial electoral officer provided information on what is required to register or update voters' details:

·        Citizens are reminded that when you register and have no formal address, you merely are required to identify the place where you reside to the IEC officer – a street address, farm, informal settlement or a specific location if you are homeless.

·        If you have received a new ID with a different ID number you need to re-register using that new ID number or you won’t show up on the voters’ roll. But, if you got married and changed your surname but maintained your ID number, you need not re-register.

·        If you applied to have your gender changed and the digit indicating your gender marker in your ID number changed, then you need to re-register with your new ID number.

·        Additionally, please remember, that you have to update your registration details when you change your address.

''This applies even if you’ve just moved down the road or to a different part of town. It’s imperative you update your details for the voting station in your new location. Failure to do so will result in you not being able to vote at the voting station at your new location, because you will remain on the voters’ roll where you previously resided,'' said Michael Hendrickse, IEC Western Cape Electoral Officer.


Done By: Mitchum George


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