Dispute over taxi route in Tokai

Kirstenhof police are investigating a case of public violence after a group of men caused damaged to a number of taxis in the vicinity of Blue Route mall, on Friday afternoon.


This incident comes three days after a taxi driver was shot dead in Retreat. The police’s Joseph Swartbooi says no injuries were reported, in the latest incident, and arrests are yet to be made.

‘’Upon their Kirstenhof SAPS] arrival in Tokai Road, opposite a shopping complex at around 14:15, they saw a group of males rushing in the direction of minibus taxis parked across the road causing damages to vehicles. When the males saw the patrol vehicle they fled in different directions. Integrated law enforcement agencies rushed to the area to assist Kirstenhof police. Police members of Public Order police were dispatched and they are static on the scene to prevent any retaliation,’’ said Warrant Officer Joseph Swartbooi.


Ward 71 councillor, Carolynne Franklin, said on Friday, that the incident is believed to be linked to dispute over routes.

‘’Many of us would have been affected by the lawlessness and the violence of the CATA vs CODETA war that unfolded. This will not be tolerated. I have spoken to JP Smith [MMC for Safety & Security] and MEC Ricardo Mackenzie [Western Cape Mobility MEC] to consider the option of closing the route; suspending all permits until this violence and impasse is resolved. It is not acceptable that commuters, residents and innocent civilians’ lives are put at risk as a result of lawlessness of taxi drivers.’’

An irate Western Cape’s Mobility MEC, Ricardo Mackenzie, has condemned the incident

 ‘’What we have seen today [Friday] is the reckless, dangerous and irresponsible behaviour of illegal criminal elements in the minibus taxi industry who want to turn our communities into war zones. It is unacceptable and we will not tolerate it. We are trying to bring them together tonight [Friday] and tomorrow morning [Saturday] to bring about a peaceful solution to this - If this does not happen, the law enforcement arrangement seems to be the only thing that brings about stability here. It will have to change; the behaviour will have to change, and as a government we will have to take action on what is happening on this route.’’

Giving an update on Saturday morning, Mackenzie, says talks between the two taxi associations are continuing.

‘’Negotiations are continuing to bring stability in the area. For those individuals – the criminal elements in the minibus taxi industry who want to cause mayhem – the full might of the law will come down on them and there will be consequences on this route if stability and peace do not continue on this route.

Done by: Mitchum George


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