Woman survives attack in Parklands after refusing to hand over her phone

Table View police are probing a case of attempted murder, after a woman sustained multiple stab wounds in Parklands, after she refused to hand over her cellphone to two unknown men.


The incident occurred on the corner of Gie and Circle Road in Parklands on Sunday, shortly before 20:00.

‘’The officers found an unknown woman with multiple stab wounds lying on the ground.  The officer's first priority was to get medical assistance for the victim and rushed her to a nearby medical facility,’’ said Captain Adriana Chandler.

‘’The only information officers could obtain was that the woman was approached by two unknown men who demanded her cell phone.  She refused to give it to them, and the perpetrators started stabbing the victim, took her phone and ran away.  No further information is currently available on the victim and no arrests have yet been executed,’’ she added.

The incident was filmed and has since gone viral.

Anyone with any information about this crime is requested to contact Crime Stop on 08600 10111 or the Table View Police Station on 021 521 3338.


Done By: Mitchum George


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