Refuse collection will operate per normal schedule, says CoCT, despite it being public holiday

Refuse collection is scheduled to take place as normal on Monday (Family Day , despite it being a  public holiday. So says the City of Cape Town, who requested residents to ensure that their bins are placed outside for collection by 06:00.


‘’Residents are encouraged not to wait for the refuse collection vehicle to enter their street before taking the bin to the pavement. The collection teams might arrive much earlier than usual as there is likely to be reduced traffic congestion on the roads on these days,’’ said Grant Twigg, Mayco Member for Urban Waste Management.

‘’Residents should please note that there is a possible risk of refuse collection delays due to various factors. If your refuse is not collected on the scheduled day, please do not leave it outside overnight. Take it out again each day until it has been collected,’’ he added.


Done By: Mitchum George


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