Department of Energy has big plans to reduce greenhouse emissions #COP17

Minister of Energy Dipuo Peters

Xolelwa Mvumvu
01 December 2011

The Minister of Energy Dipuo Peters today addressed the media at COP17/CMP7 about the plans that the Department of Energy has in fighting climate change.

The Minister stated that the signing of the Green Economy Accord by government and its social partners marks yet another significant milestone in achieving the reduction of greenhouse emissions by 34% by 2020.

The Department of Energy is aiming install one million solar water heaters in homes by 2014. But this goal will only be achieved if the department gets a commitment from the private sector for the supply of 3 725MW.

Minister Peters also named the Department of Energy's six renewable technology flagships at COP17. They are Solar Energy Park, Solar Water Heating, Municipal Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management Programme, Comprehensive Community Solar Energy Project, SA Wind Projects and Low Energy Modular Low Cost Housing and Ekurhuleni Low Carbon Cost Housing. #COP17


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