Western Cape wants to be declared a disaster area

The Western Cape Government has asked the National Government to declare the province a disaster area due to the veld fires which ravaged in the Cape Winelands and Overberg, recently.

It is reported that some communities have been evacuated because of the risk of the fires.

According to the Western Cape Local Government, Environmental Affairs, and Development Planning MEC, Anton Bredell, who visited Worcester on Thursday where firefighters are battling some of the fires, says the current hot and windy weather conditions, combined with several wildfires burning in the Cape Winelands and Overberg districts, which hampers firefighting effort.

Bredell wants the provincial government to be able to respond to a fast-changing situation.

“We have the necessary resources available to address the wildfires, but the disaster declaration will give us the ability to coordinate optimally. We are doing everything to protect lives and property.”

The MEC asked the public to report any sighting of a fire as quickly as possible to the closest authorities.

“Experience over many years has taught us that the faster the initial response, the better our chances are of successfully controlling a fire before it spirals out of control.”


                                  Picture: Working on Fire site

Done by: Alungile Njemla


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