Case of mother selling pics of her naked daughter online, postponed yet again

The case of a Bonteheuwel mother arrested by the FBI and Homeland Security after allegedly selling naked pictures of her 4-year-old daughter on the dark web, has been postponed for the umpteenth time.

The woman had been arrested in March 2021. The investigation was led by an agent from Homeland Security, who pretended to be a buyer, and traced her to Bonteheuwel after she allegedly received payments via PayPal.

She is facing charges of manufacturing child pornography, possession of child pornography, distribution of child pornography and financial gain from child pornography and rape.

The woman’s five children have been placed in the care of family members.

The case was postponed to 20 July 2022

Ward councillor Angus McKenzie, who has been assisting the victims and their family, said they were disappointed at yet another delay in the case.

‘’… yet another delay in this long standing trial which can be described as nothing short of embarrassing after the FBI and Homeland security had thoroughly investigated the matter.

‘’The mother is yet to be formally charged after months of appearances and delays. I am becoming increasingly concerned that this case will amount to nothing leaving the victims with little justice and hardly any chance of a vaguely normal life in the future,’’ added McKenzie.


PICTURE: Pixabay

Done By: Mitchum George